The Mission

  • give mass volume appliance manufacturers an alternative to expensive un-auditable chips.
  • maximize the degree of trust a customer can place in their processor.

The Means:

  • provide the customer the freedom to study, modify, and redistribute the full SoC source from HDL and boot loader to down to the VLSI.
  • engage in full transparency at every level of the development, right from the inception through to delivery of silicon. no exceptions.

The Market:

  • chromebooks
  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • industrial boards
  • single-board computers (like the Raspberry Pi)
  • wearables
  • CV capable flight controller for lightweight drones
  • whatever you want

The Machine:

  • our first target (Oct 2020): a single-core dual-issue 180nm 64-bit "demo" QFP chip that will also be a saleable product in the "Embedded" space (Arduino, STM32F, Ingenic jz4720).
  • a full quad core SoC: 800mhz, dual issue, 4-wide FP32, Hybrid CPU / GPU / VPU [and later an ML inference core], comparable to the Allwinner 64 in capability.